Hexagram #1 The Creative

The Creative creates, develops, brings about fruition and consummation.

EXPLANATION: This hexagram represents the advance of yang, whereby refers to the science of building life acts with strength and uses the path of firmness. Producing things in spring is the creativity of strength. Creation means the beginning, the first arising of yang energy. When yang energy is born, the ten thousand things sprout. Such is the strength of creativity. Developing things in summer is the growth of strength. Development is extension, the expansion of yang energy. As yang energy expands, all things develop and flourish. Such is the strength of development. Maturing things in autumn is the fruition of strength. Fruition is goodness, the proper benefit of yang energy. When yang energy achieves its proper benefit. all things come to fruition. Such is the strength of fruition. Storing things in winter is the consummation of strength. Consummation is quiescence, the resting of yang energy. When yang energy rests quietly, all things return to their root. Such is the strength of consummation.

Creation, development, fruition, consummation, the successive movements of the four seasons, all are carried out by one strength; the one is the body, the four are the function. The body is that whereby the function is carried out, the function is that whereby the body is completed.

The four lions on the left, represent the strenght of Creation, Development, Fruition and Consummation. The four Chinese characters mean correct, law, long, and life. Correct law refers to the science of building life. Long life doesn`t refer to long life of the physical body, but to the prolonged presence of the Original Spirit.

The quality of strength (strong virtue) in people is original innate awareness, the sane primal energy. This is called true yang, or the truly unified vitality, or the truly unified energy. Confucianism speaks of singleness of mind, Taoism speaks of embracing the one, Buddhism speaks of returning to the one-all of them simply teach people to cultivate this strong, sound, sane energy.
Strength having no perceptible form or trace is referred to as the celestial human. Once it mixes with acquired temporal conditioning, temperament appears and is seduced by objects. The essential intimacy of heaven and humanity then becomes estranged by habit; people abandon the real and give recognition to the artificial, so innate knowing is obscured. The spirit is dim, the energy is polluted, essence is disturbed, life is shaken; though the body moves, yang energy dissipates, and death is inevitable.
Creation is whereby that strength is born; development is whereby that strength is expanded; fruition is whereby that strength is fulfilled; consummation is whereby that strength is consolidated. Creation, development, fruition, and consummation are functions of one energy. Starting from effort, you end up in spontaneity, integrating completely with natural principle: Then this is the original face of innate awareness, whereby you can share in the function of heaven, and share in the eternity of heaven.
However, in this science there are medicinal substances, there is refers to a firing process there is a course of work, there is intensification and relaxation, there is stopping at sufficiency; you can advance into its marvels only if you practice it according to its laws, and develop it with the appropriate timing. If you deviate in the slightest, you will fail altogether. If one of the four aspects-creation, development, fruition, or consummation is lacking, then the quality of strength will not be complete, and life will not be your own. So it is necessary to know this firing process of advancing yang. -- Liu Yiming Commentary on Hexagram #1 The Creative

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On the left the ancient shape of character
for The Creative. On the right
the present-day shape.

Hexagram #1 Heaven

The Hindu God Brahma with one body and four heads (only three are visible) from Angkor Wat, Cambodia, 12th-13th Century (now at the Guimet Museum, Paris, France)
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A Pharaoh, representing the mind of Tao, face to face with the god Amun, the original face,
who symbolizes the original spirit.
The temple of Karnak, Luxor, Egypt.

A Japanese fire festival, an external representation of the Firing Process
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