Hexagram #17 Following

Following is greatly developmental: It is beneficial if correct; then there is no fault.

EXPLANATION: Following means going along. As for the qualities of the hexagram, above is Lake ☱, joyous, and below is Thunder ☳, active: it means self and others in accord, others rejoicing when one acts, acting to the delight of others — therefore it is called following . This hexagram represents seeking feeling through essence; if follows
on the previous hexagram of humility. Humble people make naught of what they have and reveal what they lack; thereby they use yin to make yang complete. However, this is after the return of yang; before yang has returned, true yang will not come unless there is a way to summon and absorb it. The way to summon and absorb it is the path (道 — the Dao) of following. The primordial true yang is originally in oneself, but when it mixes with acquired conditioning it is lost outside, is no longer one's own but belongs to other. If you want to get back to the origin and return to the fundamental, you have to steal it back from the other.

However, though the path of following can be greatly developmental, yet there are true and false medicinal substances, there is progression and order in the firing process, there are times for action and stillness, there are times for advance and withdrawal — a small slip produces a tremendous miss. Therefore, for the great development of the path of following, correctness is most beneficial. Correct means right — following rightly, the self sensing rightly, the other responding rightly; when self and other are both right, even artificial feeling transforms into true feeling, and even artificial essence changes into true essence. Essence loves receptivity and rectitude in feeling, feeling loves compassion and benevolence in essence; strength and flexibility one energy, essence and feeling joined, we return to pristine purity. Wholly integrated with natural principle, the golden elixir crystallizes, tranquil and unperturbed yet sensitive and effective, sensitive and effective yet tranquil and undisturbed. Those who are faulty at the outset wind up impeccable in the end. Try to understand when following is right or wrong, good or bad. -- Liu Yiming, Hexagram #17 Following, The Taoist I Ching

There is Thunder in the Lake , following. Thus do superior people go inside and rest  during the last phase of the lunar month.

EXPLANATION: What superior people see in this is that the primordial true positive (yang) energy in people is covered by the acquired force of mundane (yin) conditioning, and nature is moved by feeling. This is like that which is proper to Thunder ☳ being appropriated by Lake ☱; if one wants to restore it, one cannot do so save by following the Tao. Therefore, they go inside and rest during the last phase of the lunar month, retreating into darkness at the hour of darkness, borrowing yin to cultivate yang, not daring to act arbitrarily, refining the self and waiting for the proper time to act.
-- Liu Yiming, Hexagram #17 Following, The Taoist I Ching, Book II, The commentary

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The hexagram 17 Following

On the left the ancient shape of the
character for Hexagram #17 Following.
On the right the present-day shape.

Following is not correct:
Six blind men falling into a pit.
The Blind leading the Blind by Pieter Breughel
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If you practice blindly, you will fall into a pit.
-- The Buddhist I Ching, Hexagram 3 Difficulty

The Celestial Mechanism: six trigrams are matched with the 30-day moon cycle.
The last days, when the moon gets dark,
are matched with the trigram Earth ☷.
This represent stillness, the entrance of
the Mysterious Gate. The proper time
to act is at Thunder ☳.
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