Hexagram #35 Advance

Advancing, a securely established lord presents many horses, and grants audience three times in a day.

EXPLANATION: Advance is progress. As for the qualities of the hexagram, above is Fire ☲, luminous (bright), and below is Earth: ☷, receptive: Producing illumination by receptivity, using illumination to practice receptivity, according with the time and according with truth, illumination grows day by day; therefore it is called advance.

This hexagram represents being sincere and clear-minded, advancing the firing; it follows on the previous hexagram withdrawal. Withdrawal means stilling strength and not using it lightly. If one does not use strength lightly, then the mind is empty and open: When the mind is empty, it is observant and careful, not being fooled by desire for things; within black there is white — spiritual illumination comes of itself.

The original nature of innate awareness and capacity in people is bright and lucid; its quality is fundamentally illumined. By mixing with acquired conditioning, however, the discriminatory consciousness takes over, and the human mentality arises, so the mind of Tao is concealed. Thus, the strength of innate awareness changes into harmful strength, and the ability to follow what is good changes into following what is not good.

When the mind gets mixed up in things, this shuts down the openness of awareness, and the spiritual luminosity is obscured. When sages teach people to "advance the fire," this is just a matter of promoting restoration of illumination from non-illumination. The work of fostering illumination cannot be done without obedience, which means according with the time and according with truth. When always maintaining the mind of Tao and not producing the human mentality, awareness and capacity are good.

What heaven bestows on humans is good, and people who submit to heaven, obey heaven, and accord with heaven are good too. When heaven and humanity act in concert, the original spirit is not concealed and one is being sincere and illuminated; illumination grows daily, from subtle to evident, gradually advancing to a realm of lofty understanding and far-reaching vision. This is represented by a securely established lord presenting many horses and granting audience three times during the day. A securely established lord is a ruler in a state of security, tranquility, and peace.

The hour of the horse is noon, so it refers to the trigram of Fire; the image of light. Multiplicity is what is produced by the earth, so it refers to the trigram of Earth; the image of receptivity. Daylight is the illumination of the sun; illumination is above. Granting audience three times is the receptivity of earth; receptivity is below. People's real mind with innate awareness and capacity is the master of the body, like a secure ruler. The real mind not turning away from innate good, using both illumination and receptivity, is like a secure ruler giving many horses as presents. Producing illumination by receptivity, using illumination to practice receptivity, is like granting audience three times a day.

Three audiences means repeated reception, so that the unreceptive will eventually become receptive. Therein is the work of eliminating falsehood and maintaining truth. When one eliminates falsehood and maintains truth, the human mind becomes submissive and receptive, and the mind of Tao becomes manifest. Truthfulness leads to illumination, illumination leads to truthfulness. When truthfulness and illumination are simultaneously included, one clarifies the quality of illumination and rests in the highest good; then the work of advancing the fire is completed. -- Liu Yiming, The Taoist I Ching, Hexagram #35 Advance

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Hexagram #35 Advance

On the left the Liushutong character and on the right the present shape of the character
for Hexagram #35 Advance

Fudo Myo, the immovable king of Light, represents the inner ruler using illumination, self-awareness. By Unkei, Kamakura Period, 1195 AD. Jyōraku-ji Temple, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

The Three Wise men visiting the Christ child also symbolize the three yangs of the hexagram The Creative. The Basilica of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna, Italy
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