Hexagram #43 Parting

Parting is lauded in the royal court. The call of truth involves danger. Addressing one's own domain, it is not beneficial to go right to war, but it is beneficial to go somewhere..

EXPLANATION: Parting is separating and leaving. In the body of the hexagram, one yin is on top of five yangs — yang is about to become pure, while yin is about to disappear. The qualities of the hexagram are strength and harmony: Harmoniously acting with strength, strong but not violent, it equally has the meaning of using yang to get rid of yin, so it is called parting. This hexagram represents repelling yin by yang; it follows on the previous hexagram Reduction. In Reduction, one stills rejoicing and does not rejoice arbitrarily, so as to foster yang and repel yin, using inherent sane energy to repel the energy of external influences. The energy of external influences is invited by the discriminatory consciousness; so if you want to repel external influences, nothing is better than to first part with the discriminatory consciousness.

After people get mixed up in temporal conditioning, the discriminatory consciousness takes charge of affairs; wine and sex distract them from reality, the lure of wealth deranges their nature, emotions and desires well forth at once, thoughts and ruminations arise in a tangle, and the mind-ruler is lost in confusion. Because habituation becomes second nature over a long period of time, it cannot be abruptly removed. It is necessary to work on the matter in a serene and equanimous way, according to the time: Eventually discrimination will cease, and the original spirit will return; the human mind will sublimate and the mind of Tao will be complete — again you will see the original self.

When the text says the call of truth, it means the true mind and genuine intent, as the means to amass sane energy; when it says involves danger, it means caution and wariness is the way to ward off aberrant energy. Addressing one's own domain means refining the self. It is not beneficial to go right to war means to wait for the proper time. Once one has been able to amass the right kind of energy and ward off the wrong kind of energy, and also has refined oneself, awaiting the proper time to act, myriad objects are all empty, and there is just the discriminating consciousness alone — take advantage of the right time to detach from this, and there will be unfailing benefit.

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Hexagram #43 Parting

On the left the Liushutong character and on the right the present shape of the character
for Hexagram #43 Parting

Tarot card XII, the Hanged man

The mind-ruler is confused and upside down. Twelve branches, symbolizing the twelve sovereign hexagrams, the inhalation and exhaltion of the six breaths of the firing process, are not bearing fruit.

The mind of Tao or true mind is right side up, while the lower self on the stomach is now upside down and under control (China, Ming dynasty)
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