Hexagram #46 — Rising

Rising is greatly developmental; it calls for seeing a great person, so there will be no grief. An expedition , south brings good fortune.

EXPLANATION: Rising means climbing from lowliness to the heights. As for the qualities of the hexagram, above is Earth ☷, following, and below is Wind ☴, entering. Progressing at an easy pace, going in accord with the time, neither clinging nor departing, one gradually enters true eternity; therefore it is called Rising.

This hexagram represents carefully watching the firing process; it follows on the previous hexagram Meeting. In Meeting, docility enters into strength; when yang culminates, yin arises, so aberrant energy increases daily while sound energy decreases daily — the influence of habit becomes second nature, and one gradually enters an unchanging state of folly. What is the reason? Simply because the yang has lost his strength, the yin is no longer obedient. In the Great Way of spiritual alchemy, before restoring yang, it is necessary to make yin docile. Once yin becomes submissive, human desires do not arise and correct awareness is always present. Gradually progressing in an orderly manner, it is then possible to reach being from nonbeing, to arrive at fulfillment from emptiness. Learning below and arriving above, one comes to understand how to skillfully restore the primal without difficulty; therefore, rising has a path of great development.

But this highly developmental rising, which is a matter of appropriating yin and yang and taking over creative evolution, transcending the ordinary and entering the holy, involves a subtle firing process and a long course of work — it cannot be carried out by any of the dilettantes and private experimenters who practice blindly. It requires the verbal instruction and mental transmission of a genuine teacher, true knowledge and certain insight, before it is possible to go straight ahead without obstacles and obstructions. Therefore, taking the path of Rising calls for seeing a great person.

A great person is a sage who has completed the great path. Great people develop themselves and develop others; everything they say has a reason. Like the wind getting into everything, they can open up people's knowledge and wisdom; like the earth nurturing everything, they can save people from calamities. When you use them after seeing a great person, the medicines are real, the firing process is orderly-thus one can be without grief. Journeying far toward the light, each step has a step's benefit, each day has a day's accomplishment. Rising from lowliness to the heights, going from the shallow to the depths, eventually one will advance to the realm of the sages; what can compare to that fortune?

Rising as a path is a matter of using firmness and acting flexibly. According to the quality of the hexagram, it involves docile conduct, being outwardly flexible but inwardly firm, progressing gradually in an orderly manner, not hurrying yet not lagging. Profoundly arriving at self-realization, one will rise into the inner sanctum of the sages. However, the secret of the process requires the verbal instruction and mental transmission of a genuine teacher. As it says in the text, It calls for seeing a great person, so there will be no grief. An expedition south brings good fortune. -- Liu Yiming, The Taoist I Ching

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Hexagram #46 Rising

On the left the Liushutong character and on the right the present shape of the character
for Hexagram #46 Rising

Transcending the ordinary and entering the holy. When Morning Stars Sing,
by William Blake.

Ascent of the Blessed by Hieronymus Bosch, Gallerie dell'Accademia, Venice, Italy.
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