Hexagram #54. Making a Young Girl Marry

Making a young girl marry: To go on will lead to misfortune; no profit is gained.

EXPLANATION: Making a young girl marry means intercourse is not proper. In the qualities of the hexagram, above is Thunder ☳, movement, and below is Lake ☱ joy: Inwardly delighted and outwardly moved, actively seeking enjoyment, behavior obeying emotion — this is like using a girl to seek a son; yin is first, yang comes after — the intercourse is not proper, so it is called making a young girl marry.

This is the hexagram of seeking the real within the false; it follows on the previous hexagram Mountain. Mountain means stopping in the proper place, getting rid of incorrect enjoyment and improper action. Before the primordial in people is spoiled and mixes with acquired conditioning, yin and yang are united: Yang controls yin, yin follows yang, one energy flows, the living potential persists, wholly integrated with the design of heaven— they merge naturally, without depending on human effort. Then when acquired conditioning takes over one's actions, the primal true yang is lost outside, discriminatory awareness uses consciousness to produce illusions, yin and yang go awry, the five elements get mixed up, desires stir and emotions arise, the mind gets mixed up with things-delighting in externals from within, inwardly moved by externals, the yang from my house is evaporated by the other.

Self (my house) is represented by the east, in the province of Thunder ☳; the other house is represented by the west, in the province of Lake ☱. The east is the host (master) or essence; the west is the guest, feeling. Lake seeking thunder is disturbing essence by emotion, external energy injuring inner energy. Furthermore, lake is associated with metal, governing punishment and killing; thunder is associated with wood, governing life and merit. When punishment and killing overcome life and merit, positive energy dissipates day by day, and negative energy grows day by day. When this dissipation and growth reaches the point where there is pure negativity and no positivity, even if you want to avoid dying you cannot. Therefore, if a young girl is made to marry, "to go on will lead to misfortune; no profit is gained."

So, making a young girl marry means using Lake to seek Thunder, or using emotion to seek essence—even if they interact, it is not right. Sages have a way to restore the primal while in the temporal: If one seeks lake with thunder, using essence to seek feeling, not only will one not be overcome by emotion, one will also be able to snatch the true yang within feeling and restore it to essence. When feeling returns to essence, punishment turns into merit; essence loves the righteousness of feeling, feeling loves the goodness of essence. Essence and feeling united, there is a return to correctness: Reverting to the original, going back to the fundamental, the spiritual embryo solidifies, and even when meeting misfortune it turns to fortune. Then there will be unfailing benefit where before there was none. This is an attempt to explain correctness in the midst of incorrectness.

So those who follow conditioned yin and yang end up in annihilation, while those who go back to primordial yin and yang end up with true salvation. Following, one becomes an ordinary mortal; going in reverse, one becomes an immortal. But the path of turning around and operating in reverse therein is not easy to know. -- Liu Yiming, The Taoist I Ching

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Hexagram #54 Making a Young Girl Marry

Left: the character for Gradual Progress.
Right: the ancient shape for Making
a Young Girl marry

Lao Tzu on a bull, representing yang energy controlling yin energy.

Yin energy, punishing yang energy.
Journey to the West, by Cheng Huigang

Tarot card XII, The hanged man, symbolizing pure yin, no yang and the mind of Tao not acting. All branches are cut of so there cannot be any flowering.