Hexagram #8 Accord (Union)

Accord is auspicious. Investigating and ascertaining, if the basis is always right, there is no error. Turbulence will come; those who are late are inauspicious.

Accord has the meaning of two parts harmonizing and being intimate with each other. In the body of the hexagram, one yang dwells in the place of honor, while the five yins above and below all follow it accordingly. Also, the quality of the hexagram is obedience by which to get through danger; therefore, it is called accord.

What is auspicious about accord is that it is good to accord with what is right and what is real, and nothing is more important than to accord with the basis of true reality. The basis here is the one point of primordial yang energy trapped in the palace of Water ☵. This energy is produced by heaven, and so is called the vitality of the true one, the water of the true one, and the energy of the true one. This is the basic energy that produces things.

In human beings, this energy is basic humanity, which is the reality in which yin and yang are united. But this basic energy, falling into yin, is covered up by acquired conditioning. It is easy to lose and hard to find; if you are not utterly empty and calmly attentive, with your mind steadfast and your will firm, you cannot recover it. That is why one can only be free from error if one ‘investigates and ascertains the basis that is always right’.

If one is always correct, under that correctness rises the basic energy, and once the basic energy is restored, yin energy submits to it; then this is the original flawless undamaged integral pattern of nature, which is impeccable, the complete original basis. The classic The Dao de Jing says, Effecting utter emptiness, maintaining calm attention, as myriad things act in concert, I thereby watch the return. The Spring Suffusing the Garden says, The seven-times restored elixir is in people – first you should refine the mind and await the time. The way to be always correct is to become empty and keep quiet, to refine the mind. If you do not refine the mind thoroughly, the true yin within yourself will not become manifest; if you do not become thoroughly empty and quiet, the external true yang will not come.

In the body of the hexagram, the yang in the center of Water ☵. is in the honored position of correct balance; this represents the mind of Tao, consciousness of reality. When the mind of Tao is manifest, benevolence, justice, courtesy, and knowledge are rooted in the heart, the tangle of myriad principles is integrated fully into the celestial design; the sprouts of living potential grow and fill the world, the golden flowers of spiritual energy bloom – you may gather them freely, they are spiritual medicines. This is like water flowing on the earth, reaching everywhere. -- Liu Yiming, Hexagram #8, Accord, The Taoist I Ching

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On the left the ancient shape of the
character for #8 Accord On the right
the present-day shape.

Hexagram #8 Accord

Primordial energy is released. 'The Release from Deception' by Francesco Queirolo, Cappella Sansevero, Naples.
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King Gudea holding a vase with the Water of Life, Neo-Sumerian (2100 BC, Louvre)
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